Terms and Conditions

Skipper’s Service Manual Terms and Conditions of use:

If you are an experienced qualified commercially endorsed skipper then you must acknowledge the importance of the consistency of a quality service in the operation among skippered charters and, therefore, agree to operate in conformity with all safety and service standards to maintain techniques and operating procedures that are written in the Skippers Service Manual and also refrain from deviating from them without prior written consent from charter boat operators or guests.

On completion of the online skipper’s service survey, you are provided with copy of the Skippers Service Manual, so you can provide a guaranteed service and operating procedure for your guests while employed on a skippered charter.

The Skipper Service Manual contains suggested procedures that are prescribed for the international bareboat charter operators.

The Skipper’s Service Manual may be modified from time to time to reflect changes in the policies and standards and operating procedures,

You shall keep a copy of the Skipper Service Manual with you during your skippered charters for reference to procedures, safety standards and compulsory briefings.

Skippers shall not at any time without the written consent of the charter company, or supplier copy, duplicate, record or otherwise reproduce any part of the Skippers Service Manual, nor otherwise make the same available to any unauthorized person. Skippers shall maintain the manual in a safe and secure location and shall immediately report the theft or loss of a manual, or any portion thereof the supplier.