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The new international standards set out the minimum service level for bareboat skippers, who work for charter operators on inland, coastal and offshore waters. Skippers should follow these standards to conform with the international standards of customer care.

International standards

The international standards cover all service aspects including pre-arrival, arrival day check-in, during the charter, departure, complaint handling, how to meet guests’ expectation while onboard and the skipper’s daily procedure. The standards also include specific living standards and information on ISO 20410 bareboat charter standards.

Do you meet the basic standards?

Read on, understand the Skippers at Anchor standards, make an online Self-Assessment Survey and check your service knowledge.
Read on, understand the benefits of our Self-Assessment Survey that verifies the quality of your work onboard and with guests.
Take the online Self-Assessment Survey and order the Skipper’s Service Manual that supports your work with charter base managers and personnel and maintains quality.
Take the Self-Assessment Survey and order the Skipper Service Manual and support the need for Continual Improvement in the bareboat charter business.
Oder the Skipper Service Manual to ensure your standards meet and match the International expectations of charter guests this year and further develop the Best Practice work culture. Answering these questions will give a good indication of your performance as a bareboat charter skipper, and the current standards expected by charter boat operators and guests.

How to get the skipper service manual?

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Get the Skipper Service Manual

The Skipper Service Manual ensures your standards meet and match the International expectations of charter guests and charter operators and further develops a Best Practice work culture.

You will receive the Skipper Service Manual sent direct to your address.

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Who we are and what we do

IBCS-Anchored works to support bareboat charter operators by agreeing and setting International standards for the charter industry. We have partnered with a number of quality companies that wish to be recognised for quality and working with a “Continuous Improvement” culture.

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